Bleeding hearts can take me apart for this if they want to but, for the third time, I was in a near collision today because of a "good Samaritan" who stopped abruptly approaching Memorial Circle in Augusta to give money to a panhandler sitting in the island. The circle was open so I expected the guy in the truck in front of me to proceed but he slammed the brakes on to hand out some cash. FOUL!

I was 100% behind Chief Gregoire when he stood in the circle holding the sign instructing people to help by giving to local food banks and charities. He knows that, if these people are truly in need, there are resources out there for them. Impeding a public way, especially one as busy as Memorial Circle, is not kosher.

I'm sick and tired of slamming my brakes on for someone who suddenly stops...or who crosses my lane to go from Western Avenue down State Street, after giving out some money. Talk about distracted driving!

Am I right about this or wrong?

Bad phrasing. I know I'm right.

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