Okay, so I go to Mahala's Day Spa at the Oakes and Parkhurst Mall on Western Avenue in Manchester. Sarah Allory is standing by a foot bath full of hot water waiting for me. I think I may have squealed with delight. Sorry. TMI....

I sit down and undress....my feet. I put them in the water and am immediately transported to a land far away...a land where there isn't any snow or cold. A land where I can go outside with my ugly feet in flip flops, year round.

Okay, that's an overstatement...but it sure felt good. Next, she had me take out one foot at a time and gave each one a nice salt scrub. I was, literally, sitting there with my eyes closed in kind of a surreal state.

"Other foot," she said.

Huh? What? "Oh....sure," I said.

After the foot scrubs, oil massage, rejuvenating booty thingers (not sure what they're called), toenail grooming and cuticle fixin', I was set free to stagger back into the cold (in a very relaxed state) and headed home. I highly recommend this to ANYONE...women OR men! Your feet are too often neglected. This is a wonderful way to take care of them.

On a side note, my ole pal Mac "I don't like to be touched" Dickeson came out of his CranioSacral Therapy session looking drunk. He was so relaxed. I'm anxious to see what the effects of this therapy was on his aches and pains.

Mahala's Day Spa. Great place, nice people and a "can't miss" gift for ANYONE!