I almost never do political rants, but this has been bothering me.

If I make a joke about Trump, people complain. If I make a joke about Hillary, people complain. I have never seen such an election be so divisive. There seems to be absolutely no middle ground. Both sides, it's either you are with us, or you are against us.

No candidate is perfect, and this presidential election sure proves that. What I hope is that we can all look beyond the presidential election and look in our own backyard.

Do you know all about the referendums we are voting for in Maine? All could be crucial to your daily life. How about your local candidates, that will effect you here, right now? I wish the passion that is given to the presidential candidates could be shown in our local elections.

Inform yourself. Vote after educating yourself about the issues and candidates, and not just voting because of your emotions.

You have the power to make a change and it all starts right here, in your home town, in your county, and in our state.