I dislike snow as much as the next guy and hope this storm that’s upon is a dud but why do some think the world is going to end? Are we all being dramatic because that’s what’s now expected in the world of social media?

I am going to attempt to drive home tonight as I see there is a lull in the action at least that’s what I see out the window as I write this but as much as this storm is an inconvenience we won’t be stuck in our homes for days, we won’t run out of food unless you didn’t shop regardless of the snow.

A gallon of water, loaf or two of bread and a few spreads that don’t need refrigeration and you should be okay if worse comes to worse. Actually it’s probably better you don’t stock up because if the power goes out for a day or two you may lose much of the food you bought.

My biggest complaint about the snow is driving in it and having to clear out the driveway but I have two healthy young boys who like to run the snow blower and sort of like to shovel. So secretly I'm hoping school is cancelled tomorrow.

A few deep breaths and an evening of family games should make tonight tolerable. If the power goes out then you may have to make plans to head somewhere warm but over all its just snow.

A note to the school aged kids, if you want school cancelled tomorrow morning, my advice is to wear your PJs inside out and put a spoon under your pillow. That supposedly will activate the snow-day Gods into cancelling school.

For updated cancellations tune into the Moose Morning Show tomorrow and check on-line.

Enjoy your evening in tonight as the flakes fall.


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