A large public parking area in the city of Augusta has closed, likely for the winter, after the hired plowing contractor failed to show up after last week's storm and isn't answering their messages.

According to an article published by the Kennebec Journal, one of Augusta's two parking garages has now closed the top deck because it is covered in ice and snow and there is nobody to plow it this winter.

Dickman Street Garage
Dickman Street Garage

The newspaper is reporting that Augusta's Dickman Street Parking Garage, which underwent a lengthy closure this summer for upgrades, has shut down the upper deck following last week's winter storm. The KJ reports that the city of Augusta had contracted Freyed Knot Tree Services to handle the snow removal, but they never showed.

Now, after the case of the missing plow man, the city can't reach the company for an explanation of a refund. According to the KJ, messages left by the city to Freyed Knot have gone unanswered and unread. The city, which may have to keep the top of the garage closed all season, is looking to recoup about $2,000 it paid to the plow contractor.

The KJ reports that the difficulty in finding someone to handle the upper deck of the garage is primarily the type of equipment they need to do it. Officials say that because of the materials used to build the upper deck and the weight of a traditional plow truck, a skid steer needs to be used to clear the upper deck.

The city says they thought everything was set to be taken care of after they had accepted Freyed Knot's $12,000 bid to handle the work for the entire winter, now they're not sure exactly what they'll do, the Kennebec Journal explained.

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