Calling all those health nuts, workout warriors, or people possibly interested in exercising? My home town of Lewiston will be adding a public fitness court. It was voting on recently by the City Council and accepted, according to the Sun Journal.

The chosen location for this outdoor fitness court will be Simard-Payne Memorial Park. It was decided that the project will cost just under $200,000. $50,000 will be given toward that big amount to raise awareness on helping others reach their health and wellness goals.

There was some hesitation about the location with concerns about vandalism. Some councilors even disagreeing with the location saying that it should be located in a residential, more suburban area. Some even argued that the location should be Pettingil School Park on College Street.

The votes tallied up to 5-2, approved. They are hoping that the location will attract new residents, as the article states.

You can find the save the date with more information about the park here!


Dot Perham-Whittier
Dot Perham-Whittier

I believe this is a great idea. To encourage community members to get outside and have a safe place to workout. To connect to each other in a healthy way and be able to raise awareness on health is a wonderful idea.

However some councilors strongly disagreed and voted against this new addition to the city.

Councilor Linda Scott saying,

We're putting the cart before the horse,” she said about Simard-Payne, adding that smaller parks like Pettengill already have playgrounds, where parents could exercise while children are playing.

Despite disagreements on the addition, it was still voting in.

We will see how the location goes and what the next steps are to this processing of adding a fitness court in my home town of, Lewiston.

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