Tasha York is a wonderful person. That's a personal character reference. She's also a compassionate life-saving medical professional. I wouldn't have known that part if not for her amazing and successful efforts on New Years Eve at the Silver Street Tavern in Waterville.

Tasha was working as a waitress at the tavern on New Years Eve when, while dancing, 61-year-old Mark Boudreau of Waterville collapsed and wasn't breathing.

With out hesitation, Tasha, who is a nursing student at Kennebec Valley Community College, went into action, putting aside being a waitress and, instead, acted as an emergency medical nurse. She, with the help of employee Mike Marshall, administered CPR. That changed the outcome of what could have become a very tragic evening.

Boudreau was breathing when EMTs transported him to Inland Hospital. He was later taken to Maine Med.

Hopefully, when Tasha graduates, she'll stay in central Maine. She's always been a bright light and positive energy but, in addition to what I already knew she was, I can add "compassionate human being who's not afraid to get involved and make a difference." In this case, did she ever!