If you've lived in Central Maine for longer than 5 minutes, then you probably know the name, Doctor Kammerer. For as long as he has been practicing pediatric medicine in Augusta, Maine, it's wild that he's still only 29 years old (love ya, buddy!).

As a matter of fact, the famous Doc was my pediatrician when I was just a wee tot, and now he cares for all three of my sons. And while he's no longer on-call and (partially) retired, you can still see him inside the Ballard Center a couple days a week at Kennebec Pediatrics.

All of the docs at Kenn Peds have their own wonderful Medical Assistant to help out with getting patients situated, their vitals and weight taken, and administering the dreaded shots!

Well, Doctor Kieran Kammerer's longtime MA, Karen, had quite the surprise for him this Halloween morning when he got to the office. You see, Karen decided to dress up and be fun and festive at work today. And given the events of the last week here in Central Maine, we think that was a wicked-good thing to do. A little sense of humor and normalcy can go a long way in making people feel better.

When the good Doc got to work today, he found his MA dressed.... JUST LIKE HIM! To know Doctor Kammerer is to know his unique style. With his circular-lense glasses, khaki-style pants, button up shirt and stethoscope complete with a stuffed animal clinging to it, it is a fun style that everyone who knows him is familiar with. The only thing Karen couldn't get is the height- but that's not her fault. Solution? Grab a stool!

Take a look at the fun had in the office this morning and have a very happy and safe Halloween!

Doctor Kammerer & Karen
Doctor Kammerer & Karen


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