According to WMTW, the very first meteor shower of the season in actually underway right now!

The annual Lyrid meteor shower actually began Sunday evening but should peak in Maine on Wednesday night, sometime between 3 and 5 AM, though meteors should be visible all night pending clear conditions.

Because of the phase of the moon this year, Mainers should have a much better opportunity to see the shower than they did back in 2019 when the moon was brighter and hid lots of the burning debris.

The Lyrid meteor shower is an annual event as the Earth's orbit crosses into the path of the Thatcher comet. The meteor shower that we see is actually pieces of the comet breaking off and burning up in Earth's atmosphere at upwards of 110,000 miles per hour!

Looking ahead in the forecast it looks like Wednesday night's weather will be partly cloudy and about 25 degrees. So I say bundle up, get outside and have some fun!

We're all homeschooling our kids anyway, right? We just became astronomy teachers!

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