Remember central Maine’s wacky/fun-loving radio personality Genny Judge??  Who could forget her?!  Well Genny was always Pat LaMarche and she has been writing books for years.  Pat is also one of my best-best-best friends…I consider her my family.  She now lived in central Pennsylvania but spent most of her adult life as a Mainer.

I am so excited to know today (June 12, 2019) is the release of Magic Diary by Pat LaMarche from Sunbury Press. I am looking forward to reading this....

Vintage leather textured background with a buckle and paper frame

This is the a little bit of what you will find in the Magic Diary:

“Do dead people write to Genevieve? When a teenaged cancer patient relapses, she starts journaling to cope. But she’s not the only one. Musicians, scientists, athletes, politicians, activists – even a saint – give her courage based on their life and death experiences. Full of whimsy and hope: Magic Diary is a one-of-a-kind 21st century history book. “

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