The delightfully quaint town of Damariscotta is getting a ton of awareness right now.

What is it that is highlighting this city in midcoast Maine?

A book!

Ya, the good old written word has brought quite a bit of notice to the town, and it is all thanks to author Adam White.

According to Central Maine, Adam, who grew up in Damariscotta, wrote a book called "The Midcoast, A Novel," and it has already sold more than 2,000 copies.

Turns out, the hit streaming service Hulu has shown a large amount of interest.

The possible series is still in the development stages and hasn't gone through final approval, according to Central Maine, but if it does, I am positive the town will get even more recognition.

They are wanting to create an hour-long series and are working on the pilot episode, as the article states.

This crime story is set in the town of Damariscotta and the lead character, Ed Thatch, is "a lobsterman-turned-drug-runner who has become the richest man in town and is obsessed with giving his wife the opulent lifestyle he thinks she deserves," according to Central Maine.

This book is already enticing many, and with the help of Hulu, it will be an amazing series if picked up.

Adam told the publication, “I had to take a moment to try to realize what was happening, All of these people are interested in this thing I wrote? It was a new experience for me.”

We will be excited to see this possibly new crime series set in the glorious Damariscotta, Maine.

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