Did you know that September 16th is 100 until Christmas? Neither did I until I read that in a story today about the Christmas campaign for the Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanders.

Last year the Maine Children’s Home helped over 1,700 Maine kiddos and it is no big surprise to any of us that they are expecting even more of a need this year. Let’s face it…it has been a rugged year. It has been hard on everyone…young and old.

So the Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanders is asking for your help and they are asking now.  If you could donate before September 16th that gives that a head start of what is expected to be a very busy season.

While it is still all summery and sunny, Christmas may be the last thing on your mind but if you can go your Christmas giving state-of-mind for a few minutes and check out the Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanders Amazon Wish List as well as the list of basics they need to fill the Christmas boxes. We are talking about things like hats and mittens, warm clothes, jammies, socks and underwear, books and toys.  

While they are not yet accepting applications for the 2020 Christmas Program…they are accepting donations to fill the need.

Because of COVID-19 this year, they only accepting NEW items for donation. If you are shopping locally and want to drop your donations from the list of basics you can. They ask that you leave your donation on the porch of building #3…the Donations Building with a note with your name and address so they can say ‘thank you’.  

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