I don't know where I would put it. I don't know what I would use it for. All I know is that I WANT IT. An actual tank. Plus, I just want to talk to the current owner to see how the heck it got to this garage in Maine.

The full description:

This is a rare demilitarized 114 tank runs and drives awesome 283 small-block Chevy engine has rubber inserts to drive on the street on the tracks make it any kind of tank you want will carry a 10000 pound pay load an right now the total weighs 7000 pounds all aluminium drive it right on a over the tire trailer an take it home u won't find one of theses last one I saw on ebay sold for 25k will take vintage Star Wars in partial trade

Wait, I can use my vintage Star Wars poster to use for a partial trade? Woohooooo!

Star Wars




And it runs too!  Now where would we go? Hmmmmmm