Yes, you read the title correct. I used to be a YouTuber and during that time, I wanted to do something unexpected. My YouTube channel consisted of my life, nothing specific just me, being me. And at that time I wanted more friends. So, because I wanted a best friend, I put out a personal ad on Craigslist.

The morning show topic jogged this memory of mine because we were asking listeners what the weirdest thing they've seen for sale on line was.

Even though I wasn't selling any thing, except for my friendship, it reminded me of the video I made.

The ad read,

"Hi, my name is Lizzy Snyder and I am looking for a best friend. A group of interesting, funny, motivated, individuals. In the long run, I am hoping we could become forever friends and these days, bishes be fake."

I know what you're thinking, but it's no different then online dating in a platonic way, right?

I was able to get a response and little did I know it would be someone that was exactly like me.

I was lucky to have found someone that wasn't dangerous but you can't get to any reward without a little bit of risk right?

I don't suggest doing this yourself. But I do volunteer my services to make the mistakes for you. Just thought I would share that once upon a time,  I put an ad out for a new friend and to this day, we're besties.

Michael Litchfield- thank you for not skinning me alive.

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