I am doing this new thing now. I've decided to "become" things. People. I want to dive into risky or dangerous career paths and get a glimpse of what people go through on a daily basis.

Once upon a time, as a woman, their was zero opportunity for us to do anything other then breed children and now that thankfully the world isn't completely upside down any longer, everyone has a chance to do this risky or dangerous jobs. Sometimes even, the unthinkable. That is why I am writing this series. I want all of us, girls, boys, to know that you can do the unthinkable too.

I recently wrote an article and created a YouTube-like Vlog about becoming an Augusta Police Officer. After posting the content and sharing it with you all the studio was contacted by Chief Groder of the Augusta Maine Fire- Rescue asking if I'd like to take a chance on becoming a firefighter for a day. Obviously, I said yes.

So here we are. Three weeks after doing becoming a firefighter. It took me so long to write this article and edit my video because I wanted to do it justice.

These human beings rolled out the red carpet for me and I am so thankful they gave me a chance to witness the things they do and more importantly, who they are.

They have this "not a problem" mentality. They're so humble and being around them makes you feel like you want to do better, be better, in every way. Their focus is laser sharp but also have humor for days.

Their are my similarities between Augusta Fire and Augusta PD, they use humor to deal with tough situations.

When I arrived at 369 Water Street, my escort, who stayed with me the entire day was Lieutenant John D. Robertson aka "Robo".

Everyone has cool nicknames. You'll have to wait til the end to see what mine was.

Robo met me at the entrance and fitted me immediately for my, "gear". By the way, don't call it a costume or an outfit like I did.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder and Lt. John Robertson "Robo"

After getting dressed, they put me to work. The typical gear, with the oxygen tank, can add up to 100 pounds of extra weight to your body.

This means, simply walking makes you break a sweat. I coughed at one point and had to sit down and take a breather.

The firefighters at this fire house were so welcoming but they also kicked my ass. If you watched the video above, you can see what I mean.

I was not only able to visit with them, hear their stories and break bread but I went up a 100 foot latter, rescued a dummy blind, while crawling on the ground, threw the hose, used the hose, broke a bunch of windows on a car, and got punched in the stomach with the jaws of life. Ya, I did. It knocked the wind out of me. I even have it in slow-motion on the video above.

Their was a lot of action packed fun but when I spoke to these guys I tried so hard throughout the day to get out the "personal" stuff. I asked Lt. Robo to tell me a story of a rescue that he won't ever forget. But, each time, he would end up telling me something silly to make me laugh.

I thought about that later and realized that he did not share anything tough or heartbreaking with me because he was protecting me.

Lt. Robertson is a stand up guy and he not only kisses his family goodbye every morning and goes to work but he looks after you and your families too. They protect, that's who they are.

I had goosebumps for most of the day and I wasn't able to shake off the feeling of pride and honor I had being able to meet them.

One last thing, Augusta PD and Augusta Fire Department have a very fun and healthy competitive nature towards each other. It's a rivalry that is given with a lot of love to each other. So, I think one of my next video/articles in this series should be an intense game of dodgeball with both? Maybe even a field day.

What do you think? A bunch of sweaty cops and firefighters, duking it out on a tug of war? I'd buy tickets to that. Lucky for you, I'm Lizzy and it would definitely be free.

Stay tuned on my next addition to my, "Becoming" series because it's only going to get better from here!

I promised I would tell you the nickname they gave me and it is Dragon Moose. Yeah, I know, I am amazing.

If you want to learn more about these remarkable humans, visit their Facebook page or their website here.

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