If you were listening to the Moose Morning Show yesterday then you probably already know that my older (purple) Dyson upright vacuum was on it's last leg. And, it just so happens, that Renee had a coupon for 20% off a single item at Bed Bath & Beyond that she said I could use. So I decided to order a new Dyson yesterday while we were on the air and schedule it for in-store pickup after we got off the air.

After the show I drove up to Augusta's Turnpike Mall to collect my new purchase. As  I was getting out of the car and preparing to enter the store I got a phone call from one of my coworkers here at the station. Not wanting to be rude and try to talk to store associated while I was also on the phone, I decided to stay outside and walk around the parking lot until my call was done.

After my call was over, I headed into the store to grab my toy. I walked up to the first available register and told them I was coming in for an in-store pickup. The lady at the cash immediately looked confused and told me she didn't realize they did in-store pick-ups. Okay, that's a little odd? How would someone who works here not know that?

She then asked me what item I was picking up and I told her it was for a Dyson Multi-Floor 2. At this point, the look of confusion on this poor lady's face only intensified. At this point she came around over to my side of the counter and asked to see the pick-up receipt I had on my phone so of course I show it to her. Again, the look of pure confusion continues to increase.

At this point she looks away from the phone and back up at me and says "Sir, this is for Bed Bath & Beyond!"

"Yeah, I know! Isn't that where I am?"


"Where am I then?"

"Sir, you're at the Christmas Tree Shop"

And that's how I screwed up something as simple as picking up a vacuum cleaner from what I thought was Bed Bath & Beyond. Also, I'm a moron.

Here's a picture of the new rig once I finally got over to the correct building and found the darn thing.

196028401_10158268958471104_293123438461719500_n (1)


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