You know what they say, right? If you don't like the weather in Maine, wait a minute and it will change. Well, if you don't like your temperatures in the 30s, just wait a few hours and it will change.

Maine is set to have the coldest night of the 2023 fall season (yes, it is still fall) and it is going to get bitterly cold tonight. According to The Weather Channel, most of Maine will see temperatures in the mid 30s today, unless you head to far northern Maine where it's always much colder.

Alex Padurariu, unsplash
Alex Padurariu, unsplash

The real story is tonight, however. The Weather Channel reports that temperatures across the region will nosedive as we head into the overnight hours. As the temps plummet, everything that had thawed out during the day on Wednesday will begin to refreeze overnight.

Temperatures across Maine will range from about 12 degrees to even below 0 in some parts of Northern and Western Maine. It's important to remember this if you have animals that like to be outside, or are used to being out during the later hours of the evening. If you're cold, your dog probably is, too. Unless you have a husky.. those things are crazy.

Stephanie Cantu, Unsplash
Stephanie Cantu, Unsplash

The other thing to keep in mind this time of the year is furnace maintenance. Your boiler man doesn't want to get a call at 2am hearing how your heat quit because you didn't do the recommended service when it was much warmer outside. But alas, if you have to make that dreadful phone call, be prepared to pay for it.

Stay warm my friends... July isn't all that far away.

Just kidding, it totally is.

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