According to the Bangor Daily News, a Maine drive-in theater has cancelled its scheduled screening of the 1970s classic Jaws due to the recent fatal shark attack

Like many theaters are doing this summer, the Strand Theater's pop-up drive-in shows, hosted by the Owls Head Transportation Museum, have been running classics.  You can't really run new movies if there are no movies being released, right?

They had planned to run the movie about a man eating shark terrorizing tourists on the coast of Maine, until a 63 year old New York City resident became the first shark attack fatality in the state's history.

Jessie Davis, executive director of the Strand Theater, said:

"We just felt given the circumstances with the recent shark attack that it wasn’t a necessity to screen the movie"

Instead, they'll run the 1993 classic Jurassic Park.  When they ran the movie a few weeks ago, tickets sold out in a matter of minutes.  There were a lot of disappointed people who will most-likely be excited that they'll have another shot at seeing the movie on the big screen.

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