According to Central Maine, students from Winthrop Middle School are remarkable. The students of the Rotary Club have figured out a way to better insulate windows so that Mainer's can save more on the high energy bills. As the article states, they were able to work on 200 of these.

This immense project started last spring and the idea came when the club uncovered a group the helps to insulate window inserts which in turn, lowers the amount of heat that sneaks out of your home. This is something that can save you a ton on fuel bills. The group is called WindowDressers. 

Right now, so many of us are doing everything we can to reduce are costs in every way. Heating is a huge deal right now because of how expensive fuel currently is.

According to their website, WindowDressers, 

WindowDressers brings community volunteers of all economic and social situations together to improve the warmth and comfort of interior spaces, lower heating costs, and reduce carbon dioxide pollution by producing low-cost insulating window inserts that function as custom, interior-mounted storm windows.

Now of course once people got the word that these kids and volunteers were doing something so crucial, the requests came flooding in.

Lisa Gilman, the Middle School art teacher said that she wanted the students to be involved in a community project. This isn't just something that they are doing to lend a hand, they are saving people tons of money.

Well done to the Winthrop Middle School Rotary Club, Teachers and Volunteers for not only make a difference but helping to decrease the amount of money Mainer's have to spend.

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