I’ve written stories about the Nova Star in the past without opinion but now, after continuous bailouts and lackluster ticket sales it’s time I feel I need to say something on this subject.

I understand that there weren’t bus tours this past season probably because the boat launched after the charter buses had already made up their schedules and it was the first summer for the Nova Star but reality needs to set in on this ferry or cruise service.

Here are a few thoughts on how to fix the service from the dumb guy on the radio.

First up, there are no real package deals to speak of that I could find online that would include meals, or a reduced rate on a cabin for buying early or anything that would entice a family to board. While we’re on the subject of price, the ticket prices are high for the average Mainer in my opinion.

Much of the advertising revenue was spent in Massachusetts which would work if the boat ran out of Boston. Nothing against Portland but Boston to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia or even better yet, Boston to Halifax, Nova Scotia would be much more alluring I think for those who want to see Nova Scotia.

I know Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and Portland, Maine loves the tourism that the ship brings but if the goal of the boat is to fill it to capacity on every run; you need two ports that can support the boat and their prices.

Lastly is the Nova Star a cruise ship or a ferry?

I really wish the Nova Star better success in the summer of 2015 but if things stay the same I can’t see how service across the Gulf of Maine can survive.

Did you take the Nova Star this past summer? If you took it, how was it?

Your thoughts are welcome.