A Maine police officer is being credited with rescuing a wayward owl that apparently flew into the windshield of an oncoming car on Thursday night.

According to a Facebook post from the North Berwick Police Department, Officer Ashley Sargent, along with help from fellow officer, Jeremy Baron, was credited with picking an owl up that appeared to have a broken wing following a collision with a car.

Check out the photo of it below. See it almost hidden in the green bag?

North Berwick Police Department
North Berwick Police Department

Police say that other than the broken wing, the owl appeared to be pretty healthy. Following the discovery of the owl, the Maine Warden Service was called to transport the bird to a rehabilitation center in York, Maine.

The North Berwick Police Department thanked its officers in the Facebook post for taking care of not just the residents in town, but the wildlife, too!


Of course, this is not the first time police have helped with an animal rescue.

In February, Maine State Police helping a driver on I-95 spotted a Northern barred owl in the middle of the highway. They were able to rescue it from harm.

And on Mother's Day, Rockland police rescued a mama duck's 10 ducklings out of a sewer grate.

And these are only a few examples of police helping out a feathered friend.

Thanks to Officer Ashley Sargent and the many policemen and policewomen stepping up in Maine to help out wherever it's needed.

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