Maine Recycles Championships’ is a fun fund raiser for your school as a whole OR individual clubs and teams within your school. It is SO easy to take part.

CLYNK and Hannaford Supermarkets are teaming up to bring the ‘Maine Recycles Championships’ to Maine schools. And it is so easy for school across Maine to take part to raise some funds by using CLYNK bottle redemption.

Hannaford Supermarkets will also match your funds! YES!!! Every organization that participates in the competition will receive an additional fifty cents for every dollar raised!  WHAT?  Yes.

OH but wait…there is more!

The top schools at the end of the competition will also receive additional cash prizes. CLYNK will award additional prize money to the top 3 schools in each tier based on school size and the highest-per-student bottle returns.

Now is the time to enter your school and start collecting your bottles and cans.

The sooner you enter the sooner you can start building your totals. The bottle redemption will be officially open starting February 17th.

First of all your school or school club or team must be enrolled in Hannaford Community Cash, a quick and easy way to fundraise with bottles and cans year-round.  Here is how you get started and get all the info.

And if you don't already is how it work. So easy...even I can do it.


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