Do you remember being a young school-aged child in Maine? Snow days, lice checks and the mock election. These things all live on in our memories now that we're adults and all super-old. So old that all of our favorite show are only airing on TV Land, am I right? Okay, I'm digressing a little bit, let's try to stay on topic.

According to WABI TV 5, it was a democratic sweep in Maine's 2020 mock election results. Ballots from 92 Maine schools were tabulated Wednesday at the Secretary of State's Office in Augusta. The results? Maine kids 'elected' democrats in all of the major races that were on the ballot.

In the race for President, Joe Biden (D) received 7,296 votes which equated to about 50%. Donald Trump (R) received 6089 votes or about 41.7%. Other candidates received much lower numbers. Howard Hawkins of the Green Independent party received 427 votes. Libertarian Jo Jorgensen received 349 votes and Roque De La Fuente of the Alliance Party received 191 votes.

Taking a look at Maine's contentious Senate race and Maine students elected Democrat Sara Gideon with 46.2% or 6,315 votes. Republican Susan Collins came in 2nd with 41.3% or 5,642 votes. Other contenders included Independent Max Linn with 588 votes and Lisa Savage, also Independent, with 940 votes.

Maine's 1st congressional district saw Democrat Chellie Pingree picking up 57.9% or 4,562 votes. Republican Jay Allen received 40.0% of the vote which equated to 3,150 votes. 163 votes were cast for 'other' candidates.

Maine's 2nd congressional district was led by Jared Golden (D) receiving 61.5% or 3,315 votes. Dale Crafts, the Republican running to unseat Golden, received 1,930 votes or 35.8%.

This could potentially be an interesting forecast of things to come in Maine. I only say that because children are so frequently aligned with their own parents political views in many ways. And hey, I'm a conservative over here! No matter how you cut it, I think it's great that Maine kids are being taught about civics and are being taught the process for voting at an early age.

Mock Results


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