Mainers are going to get quite the show in the sky over the weekend, as long as the clouds don't get in the way that is.

According to News Center Maine, not only will Maine get to see a 'Super Flower Blood Moon', but the state will also be perfectly positioned underneath a total lunar eclipse.

The news station reports that total lunar eclipse happens when the sun, moon and Earth all line up perfectly in the sky. When all three of those giant floating balls line up, it casts a wicked-cool shadow onto the moon's surface.

News Center reports that the alignment of these spheres changes the color of the moon to (appear) reddish orange. That is where the term 'blood moon' comes from.

Now, when and where will be able to see this stunning nighttime attraction? And, will we even be able to see it with the current forecast predictions? Let's take a deep-dive to find out.

News Center Maine reports that for the Eastern United States (That's where Maine is!), we can expect things to start getting spicy in the sky around 10:30 Sunday night. The lunar eclipse will then enter it's 'totality' phase (complete eclipse) at about 11:30. At that point, the total eclipse will last for about an hour and a half, or, until about 1 o'clock in the morning, the news station says.

However, will Mainers actually be able to see it? Well, as of the writing of this article (Thursday evening), the National Weather Service is calling for mostly cloudy skies and showers Sunday right through Monday. So, the likelihood isn't that great. But worry not.

NASA has people who don't have X-ray vision to see through clouds covered. If you can't see the total eclipse from your location, whether it be clouds or city lights, you can watch a convenient live-steam of it from the comfort of your own couch while you eat Moon Pies. Only fitting, right?

If it is in fact cloudy where you are on Sunday night, worry not, we have included a link to the NASA video right here!

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