Unfortunately it seems as though we are reporting on more and more stories like this one. Just yesterday we told you about a man in coastal Maine who was arrested last week for trying to stab his relative with a wood chisel over a dispute involving a cheeseburger. Fortunately, both men escaped serious injury. Such wasn't the case sadly in this story I'm about to tell.

According to WABI the incident took place in the town of Madison over the 4th of July weekend. Reports indicate that 27-year-old Stephanie Wade got involved in an altercation with another woman that eventually became physical. Wade allegedly took a baseball bat and cracked the other woman over the head with it.

Authorities were called and Wade was arrested and charged with aggravated assault along with aggravated criminal mischief. She is currently held on $5,000 bail. As far as the victim who was hit with the bat, reports state that she was taken to the hospital with a 'severe head injury'.

We will continue to keep this story updated as more details become available and we wish the victim of this senseless act a full and speedy recovery.

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