Ever since the program was announced, Mainers have been patiently waiting for those $850.00 checks that were promised to them during Governor Janet Mills' 'State of The State' address earlier this year.

Well it looks like most Mainers won't have to wait much longer. As a matter of fact, many people have already started to received theirs. According to the Department of Administrative and Financial Services and WGME 13, the State of Maine sent out the first 5,000 checks two weeks ago.

WGME reports that in the coming weeks, the State will be sending out an additional 200,000 $850 check to eligible Maine residents. Additionally, if you haven't yet filed a 2021 tax return, a prerequisite to receiving the $850.00, you have until October, 31st 2022 to do so.

If you haven't, or you're not even sure if you qualify for the $850.00 relief payment, the State of Maine has set up a new website for residents to track not only their eligibility, but the status of the payment itself.

Click here to track the status and eligibility of your $850.00 relief payment from the Maine government.

WGME also reports that for Mainers who don't typically file a tax return, they can call the state's 211 helpline, or visit 211Maine.org or cashmaine.org for even more information on their payment eligibility and status.

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