$1 can become four meals.  The magic of a food bank.

We know how important we think our food banks are and now, more than ever we need them to help through this time.  So...we are doing what we do best...giving you an easy way to help. Mainers Helping Mainers.  So, on Thursday, April 16th, you will have an opportunity to help over 200,000 Mainers. Townsquare Media (they own 92 Moose) presents Mainers Helping Mainers Virtual Food Drive. This is your chance to donate to the Good Shepherd Food Bank, they are the food bank that the local food banks used to buy foods.

Volunteers are working around the clock to provide food for Mainers in need.
Mainers helping Mainers. We all need to come together to help our neighbors.
If you can donate...great!  If you can tell others about it...great! If you can share it on social media...great!  If we all do a little bit it will make a difference.

You can donate right here....and THANK YOU.

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