This time last year, I know I was in a place emotionally and literally where I was alone most of the time. This girl needed to get out and do something other than what I was doing. I was walking a lot, taking care of a high-risk friend, and looking for things I could do. I guess I was not alone in that last part.

A story at said the industry was only down 27% in 2020 compared to 2019. I say ‘only’ because I expected that number to be higher.  

Mainers, like me, did more staycations in Vacationland, and there were a few states that residents could come to Maine and not have to quarantine or have a negative test.  

Our COVID numbers were low over the spring and summer months. Maine was seen as a ‘safe place to be, and while a lot of the traditional summer attractions were not open, there is so much natural beauty around us that you could find something to do. 

My only regret from last summer is I did not embrace it more. I wish I had done more at the open places. I wish I had tried harder to find an ocean cottage, I wish I had gone up north to experience dark skies, and I wish I had bought a camper van instead of a car last summer. 

But I did have some fantastic hikes in places I had not been to before, I enjoyed the Maine Wildlife Park, and my visit to the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay last year was an experience I will always treasure. 

As COVID testing became easier to get, I wish I had traveled a bit more. I did take two trips to Florida and enjoyed a few things there in a way that crowds in the past would not have allowed.  

I am glad I had those experiences. I wish I had made more of them happen. I suspect 2021 will be an excellent year for Maine’s tourism as Maine is still considered a safe place; currently, the travel restrictions are dropped, and gees…it is Maine! 

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