Governor Mills has already mandated the stay home and stay healthy initiative here in Maine. Just days ago she decided to close down all non-essential lodging including hotels, campground and Air BnB.

Today, amid growing confirmed cases and now 12 deaths in Maine, she again announced new guidelines to help keep Mainers safe and to maintain access to healthcare to those who need it most.

The Governor has directed the Maine National Guard and MEMA to work with the CDC and Maine hospitals to erect 2 alternate healthcare sites. One in Portland and one in Bangor.

Portland Cross Insurance Area will hold at least 100 beds and Cross Insurance Center in Bangor will hold at least 50 beds.

Governor Mills emphasized at Tuesday's conference that these are currently proactive measures and that she hopes the two new temporary facilities will not need to be used.

She also went on to say that these two new locations will be ready as early as next week and will be adequately staffed soon after.


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