During a gorgeous family hike through the Sandra Pond trail system in Massachusetts, Tim Fobes and his two daughters stumbled upon something very unexpected floating in the water, according to Newsweek.

It was a helium balloon.

What initially appeared to be mere trash left over from a birthday party was about to reveal its hidden significance to this family.

Tim said that his oldest daughter was the one who saw the balloon floating in the water. So he grabbed the balloon with a stick and was planning on popping it and discarding it. But as he popped the balloon, a mysterious note floated to the ground.

Tim said,  "It was written in Russian, so I couldn't decipher it,"

Intrigued by this, Tim turned to the World Wide Web for direction, and uncovered what was written.

"I decided to share it on Reddit, hoping someone could translate," he explained.

And thanks to Tim, we all are now privy to what this mysterious Russian letter says.

Posted on the r/Pics subreddit, the image of the note got tons of attention, which makes sense because what person wouldn't find "hidden Russian note" intriguing?

This accumulated over 36,000 upvotes and 1,400 comments.

Fortunately, a Redditor came to the rescue. The translation reveals the nature of a heartfelt plea for a better world, saying,

 I ask for a miracle! For a new game in the development of humanity! Where there is no place for cruelty and suffering!" the message read.

A lot of people were extremely moved by this discovery, and expressed their sympathy and connection to the anonymous letter-writer.

We don't know when this letter was written, who wrote it, or where they let it go.

How long does it take for a balloon to deflate once inflated? Balloonatics says that smaller balloons typically deflate within 8-12 hours, while larger ones can last 3-4 days. So, assuming good wind conditions, it's likely that the note was placed into the balloon shortly before its discovery.

To the person who placed this note within the balloon, know this: humanity endures. Love and connection surround you, weaving through the fabric of existence. In life's journey, remember that you are enough, and so is the world around you!

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