Most people that know me well, or not even that well, know that I've been in the radio business for years! I, like you, grew up listening to Jon James host the Moose Morning Show. The only difference is that he's my dad, so I was a shoe-in! Luckily, I didn't have to have much talent to secure the gig ;) .

There have, however, always been other career paths that interested me besides radio. One of those was commercial truck driving, which I ended up going to school for, obtaining my license, and driving big rigs for a few years!

One thing that really interested me a lot, even since high school, was obstetrics and gynecology. I know, sounds REALLY weird coming from me, right? Yeah, that's the reaction I get from everyone. No, I didn't have some odd Craigslist-type urge to stare a lady bits all day. I was drawn to it for the prenatal care aspect of it all. I wanted to be part of the Mother's care through the pregnancy process and deliver babies. Yup, true story. Maybe I should have pursued the career, maybe leaving it alone was the right call. Either way, even with my modest medical background, starting school for it now is most certainly out of the realm of reality.

Oh well... Just call me Matt James, Doctor of dumb jokes and Snap Chat filters!

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