It's official, the new lead for the Bachelor in Paradise will be Matt James! Now, you're probably thinking, what am I going to do about the Moose Morning Show while I'm away? Well, nothing. Because it's not me! Though I was pretty shocked to see that someone had tagged me on Facebook saying that "Matt James" was going to be the next bachelor. That is pretty freakin' sweet! Especially since I really don't know any other Matt James'ses's'es. < Or however you're supposed to write that.

In response to growing criticism that there has never been a bachelor of color leading the show in it's 18 year and 40-season history, CBS has named Matt James the first bachelor of color.

As a matter of fact, there has only ever been one black lead in the show's entire history. Rachel Lindsay was the only black person to ever lead the show. She was the star on a season of the bachelorette.

Matt James was originally cast as a suitor in the Clare Crawley season, though now, it looks like he will have the chance to lead his own season.

Since we share names, I'm going to have to be super-critical of all his choices and moves through the episodes. Maybe we will be able to communicate telepathically because we have the exact same name? And maybe, just maybe, we will be able to get him on the phone for an interview with the Moose Morning Show. Okay, who am I kidding- we will definitely make that happen!

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