I'm pretty sure that at some point most of have seen orbs in photos. Whether they be pictures that you have taken yourself, or photos you've seen online or in a TV show. Well, I got my second experience with orbs in my photos last week.

The very first time I ever had orbs show up in my photos was years ago when we were in Salem Mass during Halloween. We were taking tours of famous places during the Salem Witch Trials and ended up in a spooky old graveyard, so naturally we took photos. Upon review, you almost couldn't see anything else in the photo because there were SO MANY orbs.

This most recent time happened just this past week up at Cathedral Pines Campground in the booming metropolis (joking) of Eustis, Maine. We had a beautiful waterfront site that overlooked Flagstaff Lake and the Bigelow Mountain Range. If you're not familiar with its history, Flagstaff lake according to WikiPedia,

Flagstaff Lake was a smaller natural lake when the Long Falls Dam impounded the Dead River in 1950,[2] enlarging the lake and turning it into a reservoir used for hydropower electricity production by regulating the flow of the Dead River into the Kennebec River.[3] At the time, the river drive was still a primary means of delivering timber to the pulp mills downstream. Improved highways and the trucking industry have replaced the river drive.

Now, there is a lot more controversy and sad stories that go into the history of the man-made lake, but we'll save that for another time. Back to the orbs. During our waterfront stay, we have the opportunity to see an almost full moon over Bigelow mountain shining down on the lake and making a gorgeous silhouette out of the nearby islands. I thought it would be a good idea for Keri to grab her phone and snap some photos of the lake.

After reviewing a couple of her pictures, it was clear that there was something in the pictures that wasn't visible to the naked eye looking out at the water. A very prominent blue orb was in every photo she had taken. She took a couple more and sure enough there they were in the pictures. Now the neat part is we took several pictures at the same angle, but the orb was in a different spot each time. It even ended up being in our campsite, too. And, just to be sure we weren't crazy or getting some weird lens glare, I took some with MY phone and, you guessed it, it was there!

Blue orb seen over Flagstaff Lake in Eustis, Maine.

After a little research, while we're still not sure exactly what this is, most paranormal professionals say that the light blue/green orb is typically a calming and peaceful presence, so that's good. Glad I didn't accidentally bring a demon home from camping.

Do you have any weird pictures you want to share? Send them to me through the app!

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