I know that I've written about this incident before, but I really can't believe just how long it has been since this happened. This happened three years ago today.

If you don't remember how the story goes, we were changing Gavin's Diaper on the end of the bed in the middle of the night after a feeding. He was 11 days old at the time, for reference. As I had just finished wiping him all up and was preparing to slide the diaper under his bum and get him all buttoned back up, he made 'the sound'. You know the sound, right? It's the sound a tiny little baby makes as they proceed to fill their diaper. However, in this care, he wasn't wearing a diaper.

At the time Rambo, our Great Dane, slept in our room at the foot of our bed. That just happened to be the direction that the weapon was pointing and the rest is history. In typical Rambo fashion, after being covered with baby poo, he just laid there sulking like Eeyore. It's like he figured something like this would eventually happen and instead of being angry, he was just disappointed.

After the incident, we decided that Rambo would be better off sleeping on his memory foam (new non-poop covered) bed in the living room instead of with us and the crying baby. I'm happy to say that since then, Rambo has not been pooped on again. Both I and the dog are super-grateful for that!

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