Okay, I've said it on the air...even to Maureen Hancock herself. I'm skeptical, plain and simple. But, holy cow! After witnessing about an hour of the show last night at the Waterville Opera House, I would be called a fool if I told anyone who was there last night that no "real" connections were made. I stand amazed!

To be honest, I was as entertained by her ability to make people laugh as I was shocked by her ability to make them cry. Talk about a roller coaster of emotion...but in a good way! She was, literally, picking people out of the crowd in the middle of readings. "Someone just shouted this strange disease at me," she said. "Does Neuroblastoma mean anything?....Someone lost a son."

A man's hand went up. "We lost our son to Neuroblastoma," he said. And so that's how it went. For nearly three hours!

Marie-Anne, my wife, who was hoping to get a reading, didn't. Still, she said it was the absolute best. Her friend, Nicky, who went with her, was literally aching from laughter! Marie-Anne said, "If she comes back this spring, I'm going!"  She can't stop raving about it.

To say that Maureen put on a great show is an understatement. She killed it!

As for me, I've still got to be skeptical 'cause that's how I roll'...but Maureen, who has a TV show starting on Fox in the future, has melted away some of my icy doubt. I'm warming up to this and, if it's giving people hope, I say, bring it!