Tomorrow (May 26th) is the day we celebrated our redheaded friends and loved ones...  Whether they're stepchildren or not.

Yep, May 26th is World Redhead Day!

Check out these redhead fun facts courtesy of USA Today and WCSH 6-

1 - Only 2% of the world's population has red hair.  The most redheads (13%) live in Scotland.  At 10%, Ireland has the second most.

2 - Redheads are typically more receptive to pain.  That also means they need higher doses of painkillers and anesthesia.

3 - Readheads are more likely to be left handed

4 - Redheads don't go gray.  As their pigment fades they'll go blond and, eventually, white.

5 - The most common eye color for redheads is brown.  The least common?  Blue.

6 - Bees are more attracted to redheads

7 - Redheads are more likely to get skin cancer

8 - But, there are health benefits to being a redhead.  According to a study done in Britain, redheaded men are 54% less-likely to have prostate cancer.

9 - There are more redheads, than people of other hair colors, featured in commercials

To all the redheads of Central Maine, my daughter Annie included, have a great World Redhead Day

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