Hey, you need to know about stuff. Knowing this may save the life of someone you love. What a heart attack is to your heart a stoke is to your brain...it is a brain attack. While more common as people get older they can happen to any one at any age. Strokes happen to about 800,000 times a year in the United States, that works out to someone having a stroke every 40 seconds. While a healthy lifestyle will help lower your risk, no one is immune.

According to MaineGeneral, May is also Stroke Awareness Month and they would like to remind you to act FAST at the first sign of a stroke:
Face – By asking the person to smile you can tell right away if one side of the face droops.
Arm – Ask the person to raise both arms to see if one arm drifts lower than the other.
Speech – Slurred speech is a symptom of stroke. Ask the person to repeat a sentence.
Time – Call 911-Fast Time may be the difference between life and death. Don't drive yourself to the hospital.

Be safe my friends.

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