As I was driving home today from Waterville, something occurred to me. I encountered a few different kinds of roads and made mental notes on the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Here's my conclusion...

The first road was incredibly rough. In fact, at two points, I had to slow to a crawl to get over a divots left by previous construction. Had I not known they were there, I would have bounced my head off the ceiling of my Jeep. These rough roads are horrendous because you either need to go very slow and cautiously down them or you can speed up and do a good deal of damage to your vehicle. Cha-ching! Auto repair shops win in this scenario.

The second type of road I noted was just ok. You know, mediocre. I cruised along at 40-45. The speed limit was 45. The road wasn't too bumpy. Not enough to do any structural damage to the vehicle anyway. It was older asphalt (of the light gray variety) but it had held up pretty well over the years.

On the final stretch, the black top had been laid in the last month or so. I love the feel of these types of roads but, when I glanced at the speedometer, I was going almost 54 (in a 45, where there are FREQUENTLY state troopers sitting in wait). Cha-ching! The state wins in this scenario.

So, there ya have it. Mediocrity, while not something to strive for, suites the roads in our state just fine, in my humble opinion!