There's this one bridge in Maine that has been aging fast and is in need of vital updating in Maine.

Which bridge?

The Frank J. Wood Bridge crosses over the Androscoggin River and connects Brunswick and Topsham through Route 201.

Why did they have to update this bridge?

Because it was 90 years old and had significant structural issues, that's why.

It will be nice to have a safe bridge that serves cyclists and pedestrians. But when will you be able to drive across, bike across, or skip across this updated bridge?

That's what I am here to find out for you.

Bridge to The Future via Facebook
Bridge to The Future via Facebook

You can see The Maine Department of Transportation posted on Facebook back in 2021 images of the bridge during one of their annual inspection.

According to, the new bridge is designed to last for 100 years!

Here is a design image of what the bridge will look like when it's finished brought to you by RDV Systems. 

VTour RDV Systems
loading... has reported that the upcoming bridge is a good step towards enhancing safety and reliability for the nearby communities.

They go on to say that this newest design will have sidewalks on both sides with pedestrian viewing areas. The design is to ensure unobstructed views of the scenic beauty and architectural elements of the Pejepscot Falls area.

So when will the Frank J. Wood Bridge be open to public travelers?

If all goes as planned they think that the construction is set to be completed by late 2026, with the possibility of the new bridge opening to traffic even before then.

How much will it cost? Coming in hot for the the total contract value for the project is..drumroll please...a whopping $49,869,767.

Wow, bridges are expensive.

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