ShadowDog wants you to help Appalachian Tails! Do it for the puppies!

Appalachian Tails is one mans’ 2,200 mile hike to save 100 dogs. That's what it says on Mongrel’s card.

His trail name is Mongrel.  His real world name is Jason Weed, and he had an idea I totally love.

According to the GoFundMe page, Jason had this idea years ago…he wanted to do the Appalachian Trail with his dog Shelby. But let’s face it, checking out of the real world to take on an adventure like that takes a little planning and a lot of faith.

But then Shelby passed away.

Jason then revisited the idea and ‘realized that you don’t choose a life, you live one.’

He sold his home and made a few other changes to get closer to hitting the trail. Then it took on a deeper commitment.  Jason is working with Almost Home Rescue to raise $10,000 to save 100 dogs and help them find their fur-ever homes.

In March, Mongrel, his gear and Shelby’s ashes ( I am all teary-eyed) left the most southern part of the trail in Georgia and set off on the adventure of life time!

100% of the proceeds raised will go to Almost Home Rescue. This is close to my heart as ShadowDog came to my life from Almost Home Rescue.

Appalachian Tails has a few events coming up in the Portland area to support Mongrel’s efforts...check this out. You can donate directly at the GoFundMe page.  And of course, you can follow the adventure of it all at the Appalachian Tails Facebook Page.


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