I drove to Falmouth yesterday…and WOW, it is looking like it is going to be busy for summer in Maine for 2021. There was so much traffic and so many vehicles with out-of-state plates from around the United States. 

Then this morning, I see from Associated Press that this past Friday (June 11, 2021), it is the first time that over two million were screened at TSA in our nation's airports since the start of the pandemics. For a point of reference, I read in this story that pre-pandemic TSA was screening two to two and a half million people a day. April 13, 2020, was the low point of only 87,534 people were screened. I know the few times I have traveled in the last year, it was effortless to get through the airport screenings. 

But now we are seeing more people vaccinated, fewer restrictions, and people who are just ready to GO! If you have travel plans this summer, just remember you are not alone and give yourself some extra time to get into the airport, train station, or on the highway. 

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