The Maine State Housing Authority, who has been a staple in downtown Augusta for years is moving to their beautiful new home on Edison Drive in Augusta. Today (June 5th) is moving day from what I am told. The staff will start in the new place on Monday.

Maine State Housing Authority Building
Renee Nelson

MSHA, according to their websiteThe Maine State Housing Authority (MaineHousing) is an independent authority created by the Maine State Legislature in 1969 to address problems of unsafe, unsuitable, overcrowded, and unaffordable housing. At its core, the agency couples the efficiencies of the private financial markets with public purpose goals to provide affordable home ownership and rental housing opportunities for Maine people.

But not all the staff. They are still doing physical distancing so many are working from home. This will also give the agency the time to unpack over the next few weeks.  No matter the size of the move, you always need a little time to get everything in its proper place.

Maine State Housing Authority Building Art
Renee Nelson

While they will miss their downtown location, but the new building has a lot to offer.  They will have room designed for their needs and well as room to grown. Overall the over cost will work out to be less and new space. The new building will also great better environment to attack the best to work for MSHA and work its mission.

The good thing for the staff at MSHA all their favorite downtown lunch/dinner spots are only a short drive away and with their new location Margarita's is across the street.

The project was started in 2018 with the demo of an older building that was there and then it was making it into what was going to fit the needs of the agency and now it exists.  The building is lovely.

Congratulations MSHA.

Maine State Housing Authority in Augusta
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