A Maine man sustained serious injuries following what officials are calling a road rage incident.

According to WGME 13, a Maine man was seriously injured after his vehicle plummeted down a 30-foot embankment after an incident of road rage occurred on Tuesday morning.

The news station is reporting that two men were driving in separate cars on Ossipee Trail in Gorham, Maine Tuesday morning at about 4:45. It's being reported that the two men were then involved in a road rage style incident which led to the two vehicles crashing into each other.

Gorham Maine Police Department
Gorham Maine Police Department

One vehicle, driven by a Standish man, 43, went off the roadway before striking a guardrail and telephone pole before eventually careening down an embankment that was nearly 30 feet high. That man was taken to this hospital where his injuries were considered serious, but not life-threatening.

It was unclear this morning if the driver of the other car, a 32-year-old also from Standish, was injured in the altercation.

Police are saying that at this time no charges have been filed but they are asking anyone who may have witnessed the altercation and subsequent crash to contact the Gorham, Maine Police Department at 207.222.1660, extension 1.

This is a developing story that we will continue to keep updated if and when more information is made available to us.

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