This morning I had the privilege of sitting in on the Moose Morning Show. I was given a pair of headphones and my own little radio to listen in with. From there We started off the morning with the news, weather, and the list of events going on in Central Maine. Mac made sure to talk about how the mikes work and what all the fancy little buttons do! As a general overview, I found the experience to be very informative, while still a lot of fun.

One of the best parts of sitting in on the show was getting to talk with the on-air personalities. Both Mac Dickson and Renee Nelson made the experience lively and welcomingwith their witty taglines. I also had the pleasure of sitting in with Matt James while he talked about how he hates that his cats have hair. To say it was an interesting morning show experience would be an understatement.

Having been a loyal Moose listener throughout all four years of high school, I can say it was a fantastic experience to get to see the people I started my day with in person. It is experiences like this that make me say, “I have the best job in the WORLD.” So, if you take anything from my fangirl moment, it should be that you too, should tune in to 92.3 and listen to Matt, Mac, and Renee’s take on all things Central Maine.

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