This may have been one of the grossest things I have ever seen. And let's be completely clear here, I've seen some really gross things.

Let me begin by saying that our house is only three years old. It was built new in 2017 and my wife was pregnant with Gavin when we moved in that September. The house is actually only a few months older than Gavin. Well this year we have developed a bit of an ant issue. I can't seem to figure out where the heck these things are all coming from but they're driving me insane.

These aren't the big ants that are always easy to see, either. Nope, these are those teeny tiny little ants that you have to bend down close to to even get a visual on. I have put out several of those Terro ant baits all over the house as well as clean and wash the counters and floors on a daily basis to make sure there is nothing around to attract them. There's nothing they could possibly want- or so I thought.

Last night my wife Keri was out with friends to celebrate a college graduation so it was just me and the boys at home. As I was sitting in the living room feeding baby Dawson I noticed that my 2.5 year old had become strangely quiet. I turn around and see his standing next to our red hutch that has our mini popcorn machine on top of it. Gavin had opened the door and somehow removed the bottom cover inside the machine which houses the grease/butter trap. The holes in the trap are big enough to allow small pieces of popped corn to get in there, too.

Gavin was reaching in and grabbing handfuls of old butter and popcorn from inside the trap and shoving it into his mouth. I shouted over at him to knock it off and when I did I noticed that his face was moving. Uh-oh. I immediately got up and ran over to where he was and that's when I saw it. Not only was that butter trap full of grease and small popcorn, it was absolutely FREIGHTED with tiny ants. Gavin had been shoveling them directly into his pie hole for God knows how long. I had to set the baby down and get Gavin over to the garbage can to get him to start spitting.

As all of this was going on and my son had ants crawling on his face, hands and inside his mouth, he wasn't the least bit phased. It's like he didn't even realize what was happening. I was swiping them off his face and also had to run my index finger through his mouth to get their little ant corpses out from the bottom of his gums. It was one of the grossest things ever.

After I got Gavin taken care of I got the popcorn machine disassembled and into a sink full of hot water and dish soap so that it could soak and get clean. At least now I know where all of these damn ants are coming from.

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