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My son Evan plays all the seasonal sports throughout the school year. Soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and baseball in the spring.

Now that he's a little bit older he's now getting assigned a jersey number- pretty cool! Last night he went to his practice with his mom, Carrie, and they handed out jerseys for the season. When he came back later that night to show us, I unfolded it and found the best number ever... 12! Not only does number 12 belong to Tom Brady (Brady is Evan's middle name) but it also belongs to my wife (Evan's step-mom) Keri! Yes, I know- My wife and Evan's mom have the same name.. different spelling!

Keri was very excited to see that Evan, for the time being, will share the same number that she had while she played sports through her career at Erskine. She was quite the point guard you know... always slammin' those 3's from way back. Hopefully Evan's sporting career is as successful as Keri's was, but if he got his coordination from me, we'll shoot for 2-pointers!

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