We have had our fair share of product shortages since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything from toilet paper and paper towels to bottled water and chest freezers. Now there's another item we can add to that list.

According to Fox News, smaller pizza joints across  the United States are experiencing a pepperoni shortage. There are many things that play into the shortage, however. First is because of the pepperoni making process. Producers of the fan-favorite topping say that it is one of the most difficult pork items to make and, because of COVID-19, they don't have as many workers on staff, so production has slowed.

Another reason for the shortage had to do with demand. As you can imagine, since we've all been working and learning from home, the demand on takeout pizza has skyrocketed. People don't want to have to cook their own meals after already being home all day. Nope, pizza it is!

Additionally, you may be wondering why I mentioned that it's the smaller mom and pop joints that are feeling the pepperoni squeeze and not necessarily the bigger players like Dominoes and Pizza Hut. This has to do with how the restaurants purchase the products. While smaller shops order their pepperoni in much smaller quantities each week, big national chains have giant contracts for the little meaty circles. This means, that the suppliers have to at least produce enough to satisfy their contractual agreements with the big boys while the smaller shops may have to go without.

You may also want to watch out for the price of pepperoni, too. While we've seen the prices on some grocery items skyrocket, small pizza shops from coast to coast report a price increase of sometimes up to 200% on pepperoni. So be prepared to possibly pony-up some pretty pennies for your precious pepperoni pizza in the near future.

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