I had the incredible opportunity to chat a bit with a remarkable hair stylist. Her name is Daria Jones. Her shop is called, Luxury in The Hood. It's located on 236 Main Street, Ankh Academy, Lewiston. She is an on again, off again resident of the Lewiston/Auburn area.

She told me,

As an on again, off again resident of the Lewiston-Auburn area I know the difficulties of obtaining cosmetology services for those of us from the African diaspora community. Luxury In The Hood beauty supplies and salon is dedicated to providing a full-service salon experience and retail for the culture.

Daria Jones

Daria offers so many services at her salon. These services include, consultations, silk press, hot tools, braids, weaves.

Daria told me that she looks forward to not only performing her talent for you and helping to reinforce how beautiful you are but she always looks forward to hosting service maintenance education for the community. She thinks that continuous education for other salons and training education for aspiring cosmetologists in multi-textured hair and services is so vital.

Daria Jones via Luxury in The Hood Website
Daria Jones via Luxury in The Hood Website
Daria Jones via Facebook
Daria Jones via Facebook

She went onto say,

In November of 2019 after returning to the Lewiston-Auburn area from the city of Boston. We started searching for a location, Covid put a damper on our adventure. Not giving up hope in July of 2021 we secured the location of the former Mary's candy / Mr. Cellphone.

The aftermath of Covid extended the build-up process to nine months but coming from resilient culture we stuck to the plan and on March 11th 2022 we hosted our official grand opening.

As Daria said, on March 11th, Daria launched her new business and on June 10th, 2022 she will host a media release with invitation extending to government officials, media outlets, and everyone in the community. She will, of course have a ribbon cutting ceremony, with the mayor along with barbecuing, prizes, and gift bags for members of the community.

Daria has big ideas and is going to be doing amazing things for the community and for education. I have no doubt that she is going to shake us all up with all that she has to offer!

Check out her salon website for all the good details on everything she has to offer!

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