Adam F, Turner, the new owner of Saint Mark's Episcopal Church in Augusta, has big plans for the property.  According to the KJ, those plans include turning the parish hall into apartments, the rectory into residential housing or a bed-and-breakfast, and using the actual chapel as an event or meeting space.

He envisions that space used for concerts, plays, meeting, weddings, and more.

His experience in turning "distressed" properties into residential rentals led him to purchase the church, which held its last service in 2014.  He's done the same to other properties and feels it could work with Saint Mark's, as well.  According to a former church member, the proceeds from the sale of will go to the Episcopal Diocese of Maine.

The one hiccup in Turner's plan is that, under current Augusta zoning, the church cannot be used as a gathering space.  Turner says he is aware of the issue, but hopes the city and his new neighbors will see the value in the old church used in such a way.