Those of us who are fortunate enough to live in Maine know that the state has a lot to offer, from amazing people to fresh air, cool outdoor attractions, world-class restaurants, and more.  The list goes on and on.

Now you can add a longer life to the list of things that make Maine a great state.

According to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control, the average life expectancy for the state of Maine is near the top of the list.

The report, which used data from 2019 & 2020, found that the average life Mainer lived to be 77.8 years old.

Not surprisingly, the average lifespan of females in Maine is significantly higher.  The average lady lives to be about 80.7 years old.

The men?  Not so much.  The average lifespan for the guys is 74.9 years.

The news is really great for little ones born in the state of Maine.  We are in third place when it comes to the life expectancy of babies born in the last few years.  Babies born in Maine in 2019 can expect to live to be 78.3 years old.  For those born in 2020, there was a slight dip.  Babies born in 2020 can expect to live to be about 77.8 years old.

So, why are we blessed with such a lengthy life expectancy?  The report does not really get into this.  However, it could be because we have a decent healthcare system (decent, not great) along with clear air & water. Plus, Maine is a fairly safe state.

What about the rest of New England?

The report indicates that many of the other New England states did even better than Maine did.

Both New Hampshire and Massachusetts had an average life expectancy of 79 years.  Meanwhile, Vermonters had an average life expectancy of 78.8.  For people in Connecticut, the expectancy was 78.4.  And Rhode Island was just ahead of Maine with 78.2.

What were the best and worst nationally?

Hawaii was at the top of the list with an average of 80.7  For the Hawaiian men it was 77.6.  It was 83.8 for the ladies.

At the bottom of the list was Mississippi.  The average life expectancy was 71.9 years.  It was 86.6 for the men and 75.2 for the women.

You can read the full report HERE.

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